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buying beds for couples

How to choose the best mattress for you as a couple, without killing each other. follow our buying guide below and keep the flame alive in your relationship. 🔥

Buying a mattress as a couple can be quite daunting and could even put strain on your relationship. As individuals, we each have our unique preferences, which extends to the challenge of a new mattress purchase.

Best ways for couples to choose a mattress

We have witnessed quite a few occasions where couples just could not see eye-to-eye on what is the best mattress for them. After 4 or 5 visits to the store filled with an ambience of constant bickering, they realise it’s like every other hurdle in a relationship, i.e. the only way to get it solved is to communicate and compromise. But hey, we not here to give you relationship advice, but we can only give you some pointers on making the correct decision when buying your new mattress. I ain’t no cupid, but getting this part right goes a long way in helping your relationship out where it matters most… the bedroom!

Deciding what you both want from your purchase

So what if you and your partner prefer two different firmness levels? How do you know which mattresses will perform best when you’re being intimate? What about motion transfer, materials, and budget? These are some of the questions that you’ll want to consider when buying a mattress as a couple.

Not to worry, we have highlighted some of the main issues and following give some useful advice to help you decide which mattress is best for you and your partner!

Important factors to consider

Motion Transfer 😵

Motion transfer plays a Huge role with regards to purchasing a mattress as a couple. Nobody like the feeling of sleeping on a trampoline! That could happen if you share your bed with a restless sleeper; causing your sleep to be disturbed and you not getting the deep sleep you require to feel recharged in the morning.

Mattresses with very little motion transfer is, therefore, a huge benefit for most couples. These have the ability to dissipate movement thereby being the difference between sleeping well and not sleeping at all. So if you or your partner tend to be lighter sleepers, motion transfer is even more important. Pocket Spring and Foam Mattresses are the best at limiting motion transfer.

Pocket Spring mattresses move only where you sleep… thereby limiting movement between partners and offering unique contour to your body.

Foam mattresses are built solid with no moving parts. This means that there is nothing in these mattresses that can cause disturbance to your partner.

Support 🤗

In terms of general support, most decent mattresses should evenly support your body in a variety of sleeping positions, helping maintain proper spinal alignment.

Couples need to look a bit further since they collectively put more pressure on a mattress, which requires better support. This is especially important for heavier sleepers or when one partner is significantly heavier than the other. If the heavier sleeper rolls towards the middle of the mattress, this creates a downward slope, which the lighter partner tends to roll into. This could create additional motion transfer and interfere with the support and feel of the mattress for both sleepers. This means that couples, especially heavier ones, need to choose a mattress with excellent support.

Sex 😍

Sex is an important consideration when purchasing any mattress, but especially for couples. We won’t dwell too much on this topic, mostly for fear of what my Mom might say!

No couple wants to go buy a mattress that won’t live up to the test when you putting it through its paces. Bounce, response, support, edge support, and comfort all play an important role here.

Generally, spring mattresses offer great bounce back, making it one of the best choices for the more amorous of our customers.

Memory foam mattresses are generally the worst choice in this regard since they are slow to respond to your movements, absorb a lot of energy and tend to heat up more than other mattresses making it seem like you frolicking around in quicksand!


Perhaps the most important factor in selecting a mattress for you and your significant other is simply the comfort and feel. Nothing else really matters if you are not comfortable on your mattress.

We tend to find mattresses with a medium firm feel are the most popular since they are designed to provide an equal level of support and pressure relief regardless of body type, weight, and sleeping position. They are also a great compromise between partners where one prefers it firm and the other prefers it Plush. Pocket Spring or Memory Foam Mattresses tend to be best options for that type of feel.

If you really cannot compromise on your comfort, you might consider splitting your bed into 2 separate mattresses. We often find 2 separate single beds (making a king size) are the only solution for couples who really have specific comfort and support requirements.However, it’s important to look at similar heights and designs so that the bed looks aesthetically pleasing and not lopsided. Mattress connectors are also available so that the 2 separate mattresses can be joined to look like one mattress.

All that’s left for you is to decide what you need out of your mattress and take it from there. I Hope these pointers can help guide you to make the right choice when buying your mattress as a couple. Browse our mattress range to get you started!!

Happy Shopping!

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