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Over the years I have had many customers popping into the store scratching their heads in confusion as to why an Established mattress brand will manufacture exclusive ranges for specific retails chains. These mattress brands create further confusion by supplying different models to different retailers.

The Effect of the Exclusive Mattress in the Purchasing Process

Choosing the right beds and mattress is already a challenging task for us all. We have to find the right fit that makes our bodies scream with comfort. Having these extra elements that confuse the mattress buying process is the last thing we need.

This is the very reason I was inspired to write this post. Let me explain how the industry works.

Why Exclusive Models and Ranges are created

For the ease of example, let’s take a closer look at the fictitious mattress brand called “Fantasy Beds.” “Why would Fantasy beds want to manufacture and supply exclusive rages to certain retailers?” you may ask.

Well, that’s a good question, here’s what they don’t tell you:

  1.  Mattress manufacturers stifle competition by selling retailers the same model mattress, but with an exclusive look, finish and label.
  2.  The customer then cannot draw comparisons between two of the same mattresses since it looks completely different and is sold under a different name.
  3.  Removing the competition then allows retailers to maintain their inflated retail prices while making claims such as “Best Price Guarantee!”
  4.  This also increases the chances of the retailer keeping the sale, as the customer will not find the same bed at any other store.

How Does the “Exclusive” Mattress Affect the Customer?

These practices then make customers pay more than what they need to for a mattress. It also leads to confusion and sometimes misinformation since customers cannot be sure where to get the best deal on a specific bed.

In a nutshell, “Fantasy Beds” together with retailers, will stifle competition by selling the same model mattress, but with a different look or label to each. There might be some minor differences, such as the fabric or fibres used in the padding, but otherwise, the technology inside will be identical. And shoppers won’t be able to draw comparisons between them because they’ll be sold under different names.

The Sleep Gallery’s Stance on the “Exclusive” Mattress

At the Sleep Gallery, we have also prided ourselves in bringing our customers to quality mattresses at the best prices. We do not stock any “Exclusive” mattress models or ranges. As we feel the standard ranges developed and designed by manufacturers were done so for a reason i.e.: to offer great quality, comfort and value. We do not feel it necessary to have them change an already winning combination so that we can claim exclusivity.

That being said, let me take a minute to remind you beds are incredibly subjective. What one person finds comfortable, another might find terrible even though it might be the same spec with just a different fabric, quilt pattern or padding. Consequently, it is still important to go out there and try the options to find the one best suited for you before you start comparing pricing.

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