Choosing the best mattress for your kids

Getting the perfect mattress for your child can be difficult and confusing. As a parents, you might be tempted to just opt for the cheapest bed set or mattress. This is common practice as the little one’s bodies are so tiny it’s often thought that any bed will do the trick. However, the cheapest is not always the best solution. What you have to remember is  that children sleep a lot more and a lot longer than adults. Sleeping more means they spend more time in bed than you and I and this is the very reason why selecting a good supportive mattress is vital for their development.

So where to Start?

To be honest there are hundreds of options out there for kids and i could spend all day taking you through the benefits. However, the best place to start is to access their mattress needs ( like you would do when making  a purchase for yourself). To help you make the best decision for your child, we have put together a handy guide so you fulfill all the little ones needs.

Key requirement checklist:

Mattress or Bed set Size

This is the easiest to decide since you know the variables you working with. Most parents choose Single (91×188) mattresses since kids are small and don’t need that much space. Depending on the room size, this might not however be the best option since a bigger bed will make storytime and cuddling much more comfortable.  Also if it’s your child’s first bed, they often have trouble sleeping alone and parents might end up sleeping with them for the first few nights (weeks or months!). Larger beds are also handy for sleep overs or for siblings who like to share.

If this i your only requirement, we suggest one of the following:

Level of Comfort

Most studies show that children of all ages need good support, but in your quest for support make sure that you do not compromise on comfort. Since children’s bodies are smaller, they tend to make less of an impression on mattresses. This means that most mattresses feel slightly firmer to them, keep this in mind when buying their next mattress so that they not only get good support, but also have a comfy bed to look forward to sleeping in!

Most comfortable beds – as chosen in store by my little customers:

Type: Foam, Spring, or Pocket Coil?

There are a few different types of mattress available and each has its pros and cons. Often budget determines the choice but there are other factors to consider.

Traditional Innerspring mattressesoffer great value for money, but it is worth investigating the quality since there are many budget spring mattresses available that might not offer great support or durability. Brands such as  Rest Assured, Support-a-Paedic , Majestic or Truform have great spring options of kids.

We recommend the following:

Foam mattresses tend to be a very popular option since these perfectly compliment wooden bed frames or bunk beds. When it comes to foam, be sure to check the density of the mattress. Be positively sure that the mattress adequately supports your child’s weight before purchasing.  Brands such as Cloud Nine, Strandmattress or Vitus have a great foam range for kids.

We recommend the following based on weight classes:

Pocket spring mattresses offer great support and contour to the spine. These are however the least popular option since they tend to be rather most expensive. However, if you can afford it, i highly recommend you get the best for your kid – small price to pay so they (and you) get a good night’s rest :) Brands such as Simmons, Rest Assured or Support-a-Paedic have a great pocket spring range, we recommend the following for kids:

  • Simmons Deluxe
  • Rest Assured Somerset
  • Support-a-Paedic Classic Pocket
  • Do your Kids have Allergies?

    Many children these days suffer from allergies, and a lot of the times cause can be pinned down to dust mites and other small creatures that love making mattresses their home. If your kid has allergies, it’s  worth investigating the finishes and fabrics on the mattress as many mattresses on the market  now have  excellent anti-bacterial and dust resistant properties. Mattress protectors also go a long way in helping kids combat allergic reactions.

    We recommend the following mattresses for kids with allergies:

    Still have Questions?

    If you still have any questions on choosing the right mattress for your kid, pop into our showroom in Claremont and have the little one test out a few beds him/herself. Or Contact us here, we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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