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Science proved that the earth is round.. We can all agree on that, or can we?! There are a group of folks that subscribe to the flat earth theory. Even though we might make fun of them, that just illustrates that with any subject out there, people will have different opinions on what is right or best.  This can make asking for advice sometimes tricky, especially on an important subject as getting the right mattress!

Firm Vs Plush Schools of Thought

Some folks may swear that a Firm mattress is better than a soft mattress; others will look at those folks in a funny way and exclaim that for best results, get a plush, padded mattress. Others will be more diplomatic and reckon that you should get whichever type of mattress you are comfortable with.

There is No Right or Wrong. Choose the Best for You!

Nevertheless, it is accepted that it’s not only the firmness of the mattress that important, but also its ability to support your unique physique correctly. Proper spine alignment is critical to preventing you from tossing and turning all night, which robs you of getting that proper refreshing deep sleep your body needs.

Advantages of Firm Mattress

The new school of thought on sleep believes that less is more when it comes to mattresses. The less padding a mattress has, the more likely it is to provide firm, neutral support.

Aids Circulation

According to the science of sleep, it is necessary that your bones have some resistance for good sleep. When you sleep on a firm mattress, your bones take most of the pressure; this in turn should free up your muscles and allows arteries and veins to relax thereby helping circulation.

Assits with Greater Capcity for Oxygen Intake

Another benefit of a firm mattress is that it prevents your lower back from collapsing into the mattress. This ensures that your airways are not constricted, allowing you to take in more oxygen. Better oxygen intake has many health benefits as well as aiding in better sleep. Switching to a hard mattress after sleeping for many years on a soft mattress may be challenging.  That said, people who suffer from certain health conditions such as back pain, rheumatism, arthritis, weak capillaries, or scoliosis should not go for a very firm mattress.

3 most popular Firm Mattresses:


1.Cloud Nine Epic Comfort

Best For: Those looking for the support and quality of a Cloud Nine mattress, without having to spend a fortune.


2.Truform Lifestyle Orthopaedic 125

Best for: Those looking for a firm orthopaedic foam mattress at a great price (the smart budgeter)


3. Simmons Classic Firm

Best for: those looking for the benefits of a top quality pocket spring mattress but also prefer firmer support.


Advantages of a Plush mattress

The best part of a luxurious Plush mattress is well its wonderfully soft, plush feel!

Unrivalled Comfort

Plush Mattresses offers unrivalled comfort and luxurious padding. A bit like sleeping in the clouds! While it is really great to just sink into your mattress and have the comfort envelop you, it’s not necessarily the best for your body. Plush mattresses are however great for pressure point relief since they do not push hard on the body’s pressure points, namely the shoulders and hips. We also find that the older a person gets, the more comfort padding is needed for the more fragile bones and joints.

Gentle Feel Helps with Painful Medical Conditions

Folks suffering from conditions like arthritis, rheumatism and scoliosis also see a lot of benefit from getting a more padded plush mattress. Softer mattresses are also more popular with very light / smaller built people since they tend to not make a big impression on the mattress, so that extra padding and comfort does help the mattress feel more gentle to the lighter folks amongst us.

Effects of Collapsed Mattreses

As mentioned before however, a soft mattress might not suit most people as it may cause the back to collapse when you lie on it. When the back is collapsed, the lungs are not able to take in as much oxygen, which can prevent you from getting good sleep.

3 Most popular plush mattresses:


1. Simmons World Class Plush

Best for: Those who want simply the best and do not want to compromise on quality and luxurious comfort.


2. Rest Assured Cambridge

Best for: Those needing a heavy duty mattress but not with the unforgiving firmness normally associated with heavy duty mattresses.


3. Chiropedic Comfort Pillowtop

Best for:  Those wanting a plush pillowtop mattress that still offers good support and excellent value for money


Our “Expert”opinion

A properly aligned body is of utmost importance while sleeping. Your mattress obviously affects your body alignment thus your quality of sleep as well. If you do not suffer from any serious health problems or injuries, we always recommend a Gentle Firm / Medium Firm mattress. These tend to offer great support and body alignment while making no compromise on comfort and luxurious feel.  This does not mean it will work for everyone however since we all have our unique support requirements.

It is still recommended that you physically go out and try any mattress you looking to purchase as you will have to live with that decision for a while. Making the correct decision could lead to a drastic improvement in your quality of sleep and therefor your quality of life!

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