How to clean your mattress myths debunked

The truth is there is only one sure way to get eliminate those dreadful mattress stains. Today we look at all the common remedies to remove marks and stains from mattresses and the real impact they have. Bed Store Owner Ebrahim Khan, gives us some solid advice on how to keep your mattress clean and ensure that you keep your guarantee.

So you have the perfect mattress and you get a great night’s sleep, but you have has for a while now and you are aware of all the hidden stains under the sheets. Don’t deny it, you know the time you spilt that cup of coffee in bed or when the little one had that accident. Also, those dreaded sweat stains that tend to leave their marks (like the dead body outline at a crime scene).

The most common stains and their effects

Being in the bed game I not only need to know all the benefits of the different types of mattresses but I also get asked about cleaning them. I find that the most common stains I get asked about are:

  1. Blood
  2. Urine
  3. Vomit
  4. Sweat and
  5. Coffee & Tea

Just thinking about the above bodily fluids leaving behind their residue on your bed is nauseating. But the truth is that these stains happen, no matter how careful you are, you can’t stop it and life tends to happen. So you scrub and rub with your favourite detergents but you know it’s not doing it justice, the proof lives in the marks that remain.

These marks are also like cesspools for bacteria and dust mites to live and flourish. It’s a little-known fact that mattress manufacturers will void your guarantee and warranty if the mattress has any visible stains! Even if the mattress has a visible manufacturing fault, they right out refuse to touch stained mattress due to hygiene reasons (don’t believe me, read the T’s and C’s of your warranties and guarantees).

Also, most quality mattresses use quilted natural fabrics, which are great for breathability and have anti-bacterial properties. These tend to be soft and luxurious, and excessive scrubbing can damage them.

So what can be done to the unsightly stains? Should you just cut your losses and look for a new mattress? The good news is that there are solutions, you just have to avoid all the mythical one’s and go straight to the best solution.

Common solutions (that are not really solutions)

Before I give you the actual solution that works, if like to warm you against common myths and practices that will probably just make the stain worse (looking and smelling). Stains are notoriously difficult to remove from a mattress, generally, you hear of all these wonderful home remedies like using baking soda, vinegar, lavender or lemon. These might be great to deodorise and freshen up mattress, but they tend to fall short when it comes to penetrating and removing stains and dirt (trust me I have tried them all).

Steam cleaning: the only real solution

If you looking to clean your mattress, I highly recommend you go with a steam cleaning service to properly clean and remove stains. However, this is not 100% full proof as old tough stains might be nearly impossible to remove. Steam cleaning does, however, offer the best results in:

  • Deodorising,
  • Cleaning, and
  • Leaving your mattress in best possible condition.

It’s important to remember though that after steam cleaning, mattresses tend to be a little damp, so it is advisable to do it on a nice sunny day in a well-ventilated area.

How to prevent stains

Lastly, as the old saying goes… prevention is better than cure! Invest in a mattress protector! We cannot stress this enough. You spend thousands on getting a quality mattress, spend a few hundred more on getting a quality mattress protector. Mattress protectors are dust mite proof, waterproof, washable and act as a protective barrier; keeping your mattress fresher and cleaner throughout its lifespan.

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