Mattress Buying Guide: Size Matters 😉

Size doesn’t always matter, but when buying a mattress it sure does! Check out our guide to choosing the best size for you and your space!

After being in the mattress game for more than 15 years, one of the questions I get asked quite frequently is what of the dimension of the various bed sizes. Everybody seems to be well versed in that standard sizes (i.e. single, double, three-quarter, queen and king), but they are unclear to lengths and widths.

This might not seem like important information, but knowing these metrics help to avoid drama in terms of running out of space in your rooms, making sure your mattress fits perfectly into your custom-made bed frame and most importantly making it fit your length comfortably.

To help solve these issues, we put together a handy guide detailing size vs dimensions and how to choose what’s best for your needs.

What are the different bed sizes and Dimensions available?

In South Africa, beds are made to specific dimensions. Generally, there is a standard length (1880mm) to each mattress which remains the same irrespective of the bed size. Thus, only the width changes from size to size.

Most beds offer customers the option to increase the length, this is what we refer to as Extra Length in the bed game. Extra length offers our taller customers an additional 120 mm in bed length, totalling the length of these beds to 2000mm. Bear in mind these usually have a surcharge of between 8 to 10% of the original cost.

Standard and Extra Length Dimensions are as follows:

Mattress Size Width Length Extra Length
Single Bed 915mm 1880mm 2000mm
Three Quarter Bed 1070mm 1880mm 2000mm
Double Bed 1370mm 1880mm 2000mm
Queen bed 1520mm 1880mm 2000mm
King Bed 1830mm 1880mm 2000mm

Custom bed sizes:

Though this is not a very common request, there are some manufacturers who are keen to manufacture special or custom sizes upon request. However, these special requests tend to be rather expensive and time-consuming to manufacture. You can thus expect to spend up to 35% more for your mattress than you would on a standard size mattress. So unless you happy to spend much more on your new mattress, we advise you to choose one from the standard and extra length range if possible.

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