Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine bed sets & Mattresses

The Cloud Nine range of products are manufactured using  multi-layers of SABS approved foams including:

  • memory foam (viscous elastic),
  • polyurethane foam and/or
  • natural latex foam.

The new Blue Arctic range also boasts state of the art  cool gel technology. Cloud Nine produces a pioneering range of mattresses, bed sets and accessories which is one of the reasons the Sleep Gallery has chosen this brand for you.

Why choose Cloud Nine?

  1. Mattresses are perfect for those suffering from back issues as they are built to assist with spinal support.
  2. Mattresses are hygienic and allergy free.
  3. Mattresses are solid and are free of moving parts, points or components, which means no painfull pressure points which may cause you discomfort while sleeping.
  4. No motion transfer between the sleeping partners – Disturbance free sleep.
  5. Mattresses are manufactured to support your spine in the correct position, thus reducing discomfort, aches & pains, and assisting your body to get a good night’s rests.
  6. Wide range of mattresses to suit your individual comfort and weight needs.
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