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Arctic Blue Eclipse

So you are looking for an awesome new mattress. One that is both supportive yet comfortable. A mattress that hopefully you and your partner can agree on! When my wife and I started looking, we highlighted the major problems we had with our current bed and started looking for a mattress that will hopefully tick all the boxes…

Elements we needed in  new mattress:

  • Spinal support:  our current mattress should come with paddles since it’s starting to resemble a canoe!
  • No Noise and motion disturbance:  I’m a light sleeper so when the Mrs tosses and turns, I don’t want to be feeling like I’m on a trampoline or hear any creaking springs.
  • Minimal Heat retention: I struggle with overheating at night… So if I can get a mattress that won’t make me wake up in a puddle of my own sweat, that would be great!

Winning Choice:

Having looked around at the various options available we came across the Blue Eclipse, manufactured by Cloud Nine. This is a foam mattress, so at first, I was unconvinced. However, after trying it out in store, we both agreed it gave excellent support. Layered foam mattresses apparently offer the best back support.. don’t take my word for it , the SA Chiropractic Association endorses Cloud Nine mattresses. Also with the Pillowtop with Cooling memory gel, it not only offers great comfort, but also the benefits of cooling gel technology! Goodbye, sweat puddles!

Cloud Nine mattresses also have no moving parts, just layers of foam… that means no motion transfer and no noise in the mattress.. ever!

The Blue Eclipse also offers a weight capacity of 125kg per person… so guess who is not giving up the late night snacks! 😉

Analysis of Blue Eclipse after trial:

It’s now been a few months and except for those first 3 nights where we wondered if we made the right choice (apparently this is normal since the body takes some time to adjust to a  new mattress), we are both sleeping great! Let’s hope it continues…

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