Types of mattresses


People often ask us to explain the differences between the different types of mattresses.  It can all get rather technical and boring. In this post, we have simplified it into a few basic mattress types and the Pro’s and Cons of each option:


Bonnell Spring Mattresses:

Pro: Affordable, good weight distribution on mattresses for bigger folks.

Con: Many cheap models on market. Unless it’s a heavy duty double tempered spring, it won’t be as durable as other kinds of mattresses. You will feel your partner moving since springs are connected.


Pocket coil mattresses:

Pro: Provide good support for side sleepers, no motion transfer between partners, Pressure point relief.

Con: Might wear out sooner with heavier weights because the coils do not distribute weight evenly.


Infinite coil mattresses:

Pro: Distribute weight evenly and maintain mattress shape.

Also tends to be very affordable option.

Con: Movement is felt across the whole bed


Layered Foam mattresses:

Pros: Durable and Firm Support, Hypo Allergenic, No Motion transfer

Con: Heat retention, might be too firm for lighter sleepers.


 Memory Foam mattresses:

Pro: Luxurious comfort as it cradles body and contours.

Con: Retains heat more than other mattresses.


Latex Foam mattresses:

Pro: Hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly, buoyant feel

Con: Some kinds of latex foam are low-quality, check if it’s made from  Natural or synthetic latex.



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