Your Old Reliable Mattress Could Be A Health Risk



People generally keep their old mattress long after its due a change. What most people don’t know that this has been proven to be somewhat problematic. Can you say “Health Hazzard?” Research has shown that that old reliable mattress can lead to quite a few health issues.

Waning comfort is also another key sign that your mattress has reached its end of days! Waking up with aches and pains could be a sign that it’s time to upgrade that old mattress of yours. Pain and old mattress issues have a direct relation.

How Long is a Mattresses Serviceable?

As with people, there is no hard and fast rule of when the lifespan of a mattress is reaching its end. What we do know is that most decent quality mattresses should give you about 10 years’ service with proper care. After 10 years, we can start to call it elderly, and your bed can now start applying for pensioners discounts!

Of course, the lifespan average does vary, as there are external factors that contribute to the demise of a mattress. To accurately access the lifespan of a mattress we have to consider if it is suitable to support your current weight? Also, as we get older, our comfort and support needs change more rapidly. And thus, our taste in mattress feel and strength changes accordingly.

Unfortunately, most people wait to purchase a new mattress until they start feeling pain, other health or even sleep disorders. Research has shown that pain or discomfort experienced while sleeping, directly affects our sleep rhythm. These types of disruptions prevent us from entering deep- sleep. Deep-sleep is essential for rejuvenation and as our body is deprived of this our health and well-being are compromised.

Following are some common problems sleeping on an old mattress.

7 Health Risks of Sleeping on an Aged Mattress

1. Increases the Severity of Asthma:

Over the lifespan of a mattress, allergens increase which leads to worsening your asthma as you breathe this in while asleep.

2. Soreness and Pressure Point Issues:

Another side effect of using an old mattress is that you are more likely to experience soreness or pressure point issues since your spine and neck will not be properly aligned. Your body will then experience sore and tender areas due to unsupported sleeping positions. Resulting in restless sleep filled with tossing and turning as your body looks for a more comfortable sleeping position.

3. Back Pain

Back Pain is the number one factor that makes people start to look at upgrading their mattress. This universal niggle is commonly caused by the strain on your lower back and neck due to an unsupportive mattress.

4. Dust Mites

These critters love old and dusty mattresses. Since your old mattress will accumulate the dead skin that you shed, sweat, dirt, and dust. Prolonged exposure to this can cause skin or lung and throat problems.

5. Anxiety

Anxiety is a common side effect of long-term poor sleep. Simply put, it causes frustration every time you go to bed, and the lack of sleep affects your overall quality of life.

6. Sleep Apnea

No one likes a Snorlax! A non-supportive mattress will cause your neck and spine to be misaligned. This can obstruct your airflow when you sleep and can make snoring considerably worse.

7. Sleep Deprivation:

Since you are unable to find a good position due to the discomfort of an old mattress, you will start to suffer from Sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation has been associated with obesity which can, in turn, lead to a whole spectrum of health issues. Other long-term side effects related to sleep deprivation are a weakened immune system, poor mental function and fatigue.

Don’t Compromise your health just because you are on a budget!

As you can gather, sleeping on an old mattress could be severe implications. And just because you are on a budget does not mean you should compromise on your health. There is a range of great value for money mattress options that can solve all your sleep problems!

If you not sure which would be the best fit for you, give a shout on 021 671 3220 or contact us will be happy to be of service!

What’s Preventing You from Getting?

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